The Gentoo in the Cloud images have been succeeded by our Pygoscelis Papua Linux images. Pygoscelis Papua is our new unofficial Gentoo Linux build for Amazon EC2.

The Gentoo in the Cloud images have been retired. They remain on the us-east-1 region for archive purposes. If you wish to copy any of the old images, our articles HowTo: Copy EC2 EBS AMIs Between Accounts and HowTo: Move an EC2 EBS AMI From One Region to Another may be of use.

Dowd and Associates is offering Gentoo Linux images for Amazon EC2.

The username to login with these instances is ec2-user.

If you have the EC2 command line tools installed, you can start an instance like so:

Console - user@hostname ~ $

ec2-run-instances ami-8b66afe2 -k key-name

To login, you would do:

Console - user@hostname ~ $

ssh -i $HOME/.ssh/key_name.pem
Region AMI ID Arch Instance Type AKI ID Timestamp
us-east-1 ami-d1da82b8 x86_64 ebs aki-88aa75e1 2013-11-05-08-09-14
us-east-1 ami-31d18958 i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2013-11-05-09-44-51
us-east-1 ami-0fe9a666 x86_64 ebs aki-88aa75e1 2013-09-06-08-12-33
us-east-1 ami-dde3acb4 i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2013-09-06-10-17-30
us-east-1 ami-bca7dbd5 x86_64 ebs aki-88aa75e1 2013-07-09-00-23-09
us-east-1 ami-749ee21d i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2013-07-09-02-25-05
us-east-1 ami-bb5c33d2 x86_64 ebs aki-88aa75e1 2013-05-11-02-13-24
us-east-1 ami-eff79886 i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2013-05-12-22-51-17
us-east-1 ami-3663ff5f x86_64 ebs aki-88aa75e1 2013-03-07-04-03-02
us-east-1 ami-7c1e8215 i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2013-03-07-05-01-41
us-east-1 ami-35ab225c x86_64 ebs aki-88aa75e1 2013-01-07-00-12-16
us-east-1 ami-19ab2270 i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2013-01-07-00-18-32
us-east-1 ami-c2c07aab x86_64 ebs aki-88aa75e1 2012-11-03-07-43-35
us-east-1 ami-ccc07aa5 i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2012-11-03-07-42-49
us-east-1 ami-c3883eaa x86_64 ebs aki-88aa75e1 2012-09-03-23-01-58
us-east-1 ami-a9883ec0 i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2012-09-03-23-02-49
us-east-1 ami-61fc5008 x86_64 ebs aki-88aa75e1 2012-07-02-06-27-12
us-east-1 ami-4b01ad22 i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2012-07-07-20-15-33
us-east-1 ami-dbfc50b2 i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2012-07-02-06-59-36
us-east-1 ami-74a6031d x86_64 ebs aki-88aa75e1 2012-05-03-07-03-21
us-east-1 ami-6ca40105 i386 ebs aki-b6aa75df 2012-05-03-05-45-21
us-east-1 ami-6ab26f03 x86_64 ebs aki-825ea7eb 2012-03-02-07-39-15
us-east-1 ami-80b16ce9 i386 ebs aki-805ea7e9 2012-03-02-05-47-04
us-east-1 ami-d9aa60b0 x86_64 ebs aki-825ea7eb 2011-12-08-10-32-40
us-east-1 ami-c7aa60ae i386 ebs aki-805ea7e9 2011-12-08-10-32-40
us-east-1 ami-afaa60c6 i386 instance-store aki-805ea7e9 2011-12-08-10-32-40
us-east-1 ami-3379b05a x86_64 ebs aki-825ea7eb 2011-11-16-02-24-51
us-east-1 ami-8b66afe2 i386 ebs aki-805ea7e9 2011-11-16-01-59-04
us-east-1 ami-210ac248 x86_64 instance-store aki-825ea7eb 2011-11-21-21-55-22
us-east-1 ami-cb09c1a2 i386 instance-store aki-805ea7e9 2011-11-21-21-07-16

See the changelog and how to build the images yourself.

Gentoo is a trademark of Gentoo Foundation, Inc. The Dowd and Associates Gentoo in the Cloud and Pygoscelis Papua Linux machine images are unofficial builds and are not part of the Gentoo project and is not directed or managed by Gentoo Foundation, Inc.
Amazon Web Services, the "Powered by Amazon Web Services" logo, and Amazon EC2 are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.